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Thinking Outside The Box

As much as I love working out in a gym, there are times that being in the gym is just not a possibility. Read More

Sprinting For Fat Loss

It seems that everyone is looking for that holy grail of fat know what I am talking about...what's the one thing that will get rid of the body fat... Read More

Dealing With Haters

You know it still continually amazes me that I hear this so often. Read More

What I Hate About The Fitness Industry

Yeah you read that right......the title did say why I "hate" the fitness industry. Read More

How Negativity Is Killing Your Results

You know I could tell you how great you are, that you have everything that it takes to achieve your goals, that you have a never die attitude and will... Read More

The 1 Exercise To Fix All Of Your Problems

You know that we live in a world that makes us spend the majority of our days in terrible posture.   Read More